What's a Raconteur?


A person who tells anecdotes in a skillful and amusing way; a storyteller; a narrator



Gloria W.

Gloria, Raconteur

It was a joy working with Raconteur. I always dreamed of writing my story, but I couldn’t sit down and write it myself. Olivia Savoie being there made my dream come true: to put my life story down on paper to give to my children and grandchildren. Without her, I never could have gotten all my memories in order. Olivia asked me about so many things I never would have thought to put in the book. Now, I can look at the book and reminisce. As I get older, my memory isn’t too good, but the book keeps me going. I can check it to remember trips or special times. Raconteur did a great job.
Butch F.

Butch, Raconteur

Thanks, Olivia, for your dedication and patience in writing our story. We have already received words of praise about the book.
Representative Lynn

Lynn, Raconteur

The book is perfect. Thank you for your enthusiastic interest in my book and thank you for making my story for my family a reality.
Iva C.

Iva, Daughter

I read about Olivia and her services in a local magazine. I knew then that I had to engage her to work on a memoir of my mom and dad. She did an excellent job of capturing the memories and stories of my family… I would unequivocally recommend her services to anyone. I'm so pleased that my grandchildren [and] mom and dad's great grandkids will have something in writing to know a little bit of their history.
Douglas T.

Douglas, Raconteur

Because we've [my wife and I] had such a varied background and been to so many places, a lot of them before the children were born, I thought it would be nice if it [our life story] was in writing. I had always thought that I would do it. But I could not have imagined anything that I would do would turn out to be something like this [book]. She [Olivia Savoie] has just done a marvelous job... I got the distinct feeling when I was reading it that I was talking. She had a knack to put me right in the middle of this. I think when my kids read this, this is going to be Dad talking.
Dr. David F.

David, Raconteur

My thought from the beginning was to produce a written manuscript with which I might surprise my children—that would somewhat describe what life was like in my early years… It is with a great deal of relief and appreciation that I thank Olivia for her focus and leadership in helping bring this task to fruition.
Nicholas S.

Nicholas, Grandson

I loved reading about the life of my grandfather! Thank you so much, Olivia, for capturing these stories... If you want your life story put into a book, she is very talented and you won't be disappointed.
Christine C.

Christine, Daughter

This is such a rich and treasured recount of Dad’s beautiful and rich life. There are stories in here I never heard… You really worked magic getting him to recall these stories with such vivid recollection! Thank you again for bringing Dad’s legacy to pages, which we are sure to cherish for generations to come. I know he enjoyed your days together.

David, Raconteur

It is rare I am truly surprised anymore. You surprised me! What a delight. Your talent and vision is not normal in the best way possible.
Don B.

Don, Raconteur

You asked me questions, and I answered you from the bottom of my heart. You wrote my story. The beauty was how you captured not only what I said but the emotions and spirit of the most delicate of all things—like faith or inner strength. And you captured those delicate things and put so many memories together to sound just like me. It’s incredible.
Dr. Charles

Dr. Charles, Raconteur

You did a superb job in creating the life story book. The feedback has been spectacular from both family and friends. I have no hesitation in recommending your company.

Fred, Raconteur

The end result was much more than I expected. You melded and blended my rambling memories into a cohesive train of connected events that a reader can follow and produced something I am happy to leave to my family.
Fred H.

Fred, Raconteur

Thank you to [Raconteur] who helped with this book, for [their] outstanding abilities, compassion, ease of delivery of services, kindness, patience, and understanding in completing this final product... I would recommend [Raconteur] to all.
Melinda Kellar

Melinda, Daughter

This book, Dad’s life story, is perfect. Raconteur Life Story Writing did a wonderful job. Several interviews with dad and mom, going through photos and documents, writing drafts and coming back, reviewing it with dad to make sure it was just right, then publishing this wonderful treasure. Even presenting it to him personally. Thank you.
Ramona N

Ramona, Raconteur

Thank you for all the hard work y'all did for me. You were so kind and patient.
Randy B

Randy, Son

Daddy told me he enjoyed the interview and thought that the writer was the nicest, well-mannered, and so educated... I think myself and my siblings will cherish the book and some of the stories he told. We all learned some things about his life we didn’t know. It opened my insight into where he came from to where he’s been to be here today... I thoroughly enjoyed the book.
Ronnie H., Son

Ronnie, Son

Raconteur Story Writing Services was great to work with. My mom had a ball the entire time making the book. [The Raconteur team] was very professional. The quality of the book is second to none. I had at least 100 people call me and say they loved the book. Thanks to Raconteur for making my mother happy.
Sherry S.

Sherry, Daughter

I have really enjoyed working with Raconteur on my parents’ tribute books. Olivia Savoie helped me in so many ways. I had a wonderful experience in reliving their past, and so will my boys and grandchildren.
Susan C.

Susan, Daughter

We are over the moon excited about my mother’s biography! She waited anxiously for her book to be published, and when I gave her a copy, she sat there reading it non-stop. I had to take a picture of her reading her book! The storyteller did an awesome job working with my mother who was 96 at the time... As children and even adults, my parents never talked to us about our heritage or even our family history. This book has information that we never knew! Thank you for sharing your talents with our family!
Terry D.

Terry, Son

They [my parents] enjoyed their time with you and relished the opportunity this created to take a trip back down memory lane. The story you wrote will be a family treasure for many years.

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