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Acadiana Woman to Appear on 'The Kelly Clarkson Show' Monday, Jan. 9th

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It's always cool when someone from Acadiana gets featured on national television and that's exactly what will happen on Monday, January 9th when a Youngsville woman will be a guest on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Olivia Savoie, a local life story writer, will be appearing on the show that airs at 2:00 pm on KATC-TV 3.

28-year-old Savoie, a graduate of UL, has written and published more than 40 life story books for seniors around the state and region.

On The Kelly Clarkson Show, Savoie will talk about her inspiration from her Cajun grandmothers, her process, her passion for preserving memories, and the "adopted grandparents" she's accumulated over the years.

The interview for the episode was actually taped back in December when she was flown out to Los Angeles.

"The guest host was Howie Mandel and the guest on stage with me was Mr. Terry Crews of America's Got Talent," Savoie told us. "This magical experience was a dream true for me. I grew up with three loves -- history, writing, and spending time with seniors -- and am blessed to have invented a career that incorporates everything I love. I'm honored to capture our local grandparents' memories in keepsake books for their children and grandchildren."Savoie also told us that photos of locals she has written biographies on behalf of were featured, so you may just see some familiar faces. We look forward to seeing the episode and thanks, Olivia, for representing Acadiana so well.For more on Olivia Savoie, including a listing of her published works, visit her website, www.RaconteurWriting.com.


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