What's a Raconteur?


A person who tells anecdotes in a skillful and amusing way; a storyteller; a narrator

What makes Raconteur stand out as the Premier Life Story Writing Company?

Choosing to hire a life story writer is an important decision. The writer you choose will take your verbal interviews and craft a narrative that will become your legacy. The choice should not be taken lightly. 


When it comes to choosing a private biographer to work with, here’s why Raconteur stands out: 


1. One-On-One Relationships


With Raconteur, you will get a one-on-one experience with one writer who you can truly connect with. Whereas some life story writing companies send an interviewer to meet you and then send the transcript to a separate writer to compose into a life story narrative, our interviewer and writer are one and the same. This ensures the interviewer/writer has gotten to hear your voice and storytelling style, gotten to know you intimately, and truly understands you and what matters most to you. Oftentimes, our writers stay in touch with past storytellers they have worked with over the years. Our founders, Olivia and Joshua, count many former storytellers as dear friends.


2. Unique Books


Raconteur does not produce cookie-cutter books. Each one is completely one-of-a-kind. Although we guide you in the interview with certain predetermined questions, we also go down any roads you personally want to go down. After completing interviews, the writer will write the narrative while keeping your individual voice intact. From there, the writer or chief editor will personally select where each photo would correspond best with the narrative. In the end, the book design is centered around what the Raconteur team feels would best reflect you individually. No two books are remotely the same.


3. Love


There’s a timeless saying that food tastes better if it’s baked with love. We believe books have the same results! Our team “bakes with love” in the sense that our passion is getting to know you, ensuring you feel heard, and helping you share your invaluable story with your family. We truly love what we do and the storytellers we meet and befriend along the way. 


4. Meticulousness


The Raconteur team does not take the honor of capturing your story for future generations lightly. Every minute detail matters. Every word’s spelling, sentence structure, and carefully placed comma matters to us. Every photo is thoughtfully positioned. We have yet to hear of another memoir writing firm that will follow up about miniscule details, send the book through multiple rounds of editing post-writing, and have the book proofread upward of five times prior to print. Polishing to a point of excellence is our unwavering goal. 

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